Our story is a labor of love.

It was a late night on South Beach and I had just finished Djing at my usual Friday night spot. Tired and hungry I walked into a pizza place to grab a slice before driving home. While waiting for my pizza I looked around and saw the usual “Miami” crowd. They all looked pretty as usual and all of them were commenting how bad they felt about cheating on their diets.

While waiting for my pizza I thought to myself “there has to be a better way to do this.” That night at 5:30 in the morning Power Pizzeria was born.pizza. I wanted to change the game and create a product that people felt good about, a product that made them feel good both before and after eating so I did.

Power Pizzeria lets you have all the foods that you love without the guilt. I like to consider our products as a non-guilty indulgence. Life is fun and is meant to be enjoyed. So I created a place for people who like to enjoy life and share good times with family and friends, and of course music cause if it weren’t for music I would have never walked into that pizza restaurant on that late Friday evening.

I welcome you to Power Pizzeria I hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoyed creating the concept. I hope to see and meet you one day in one of our restaurants.

More Power To You!
EJ Martinez